About Me

My name is Therese Sølvkjær Haugstrup. As early as I remember I have been sketching away, drawing outfits for my paper dolls, and making clothes for my regular ones.
Gradually, I moved on to designing real clothes and after secondary school I was finally free to pursue my interests more determinedly in terms of education. After a number of courses I applied for, and was accepted as a student at, the TEKO school of design from which I graduated in 2006.
Since then I have been working in the women’s clothing industry.


My Designs

When designing, I am influenced by a variety of things. I enjoy drawing inspiration from historical periods and their fashions and mixing them to my fancy. At other times I look to Nature for ideas, to other nationalities, to geometrical shapes, or even to architecture.

Sometimes an idea just pops into my head so I try to keep a pen and a piece of paper in my bag at all times – just in case. The same thing goes for my bed stand as dreams can also be a source of inspiration.


My Paintings

Painting is my second passion.

I love the way black and white photos emphasise each curve and how the contrast between light and dark becomes ruthlessly clear. Promotion posters of iconic movie stars and dancers alike, and fashion photos shot by the great photographers, capture the details in a manor which gives the subject an almost magical quality. I strive to convey this intensity in my “Black & White” paintings which are mostly based on black and white photos from the 20th century.

“A Burst of Colour” is a selection of my, perhaps, more playful paintings – certainly when it comes to the variety in colours. Many of these images spring from my imagination.

For a brief period of time I also experimented with watercolour painting. This gives a completely different expression compared to oil and acrylic. It has a softness to it, even in the more saturated colours, which I find very charming.


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